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Welcome to Easy Sex Your #1 source for kinky adventures and steamy hook ups! Are you looking to take that extra step? Have you become bored with the same old two person routine? Are the social norms of a sex life leaving you feeling like you need more? Then we have just the thing! At Easysex.com we host millions of members who are exploring new and exciting ways to boost their sex drive. Why not take the extra step and get some threeway action going? Studies show that there are more couples today who are willing to have an extra body in bed with them than ever before! Take advantage of that and start planning threesomes to rival the best porn sites today!


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That's right, not all of your experiences have to be face to face. In fact we have the most frequently visited erotic chat rooms on the web! These range anywhere from singles looking to mingle, to the swingers lounge, general discussion, and we even have a new members area where the more experienced site visitors help the newcomers get used to their new environment. We pride ourselves in not only being just an average sex site, but a community where like minded individuals can help each other cultivate rich and exhilarating sex lives. When you sign up you will be treated as a contributing member of an online culture, not just an anonymous member!


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You will always come across those cynics who will tell you that "online dating never works.” We can probably guarantee that's because they've never tried it themselves! Still it's easy to get discouraged, especially if you've never done it before. However, if you've tried to organize a threesome you know firsthand how difficult that can be! Unless you know the couple very intimately the question itself can really catch people off guard and potentially ruin your chances. Easysex.com takes all the guesswork away! Even if you haven't used an online pick up site before, it will only take minutes before you realize that steamy wild threesomes are no more difficult than posting some personal information, doing a quick search, and sending a message describing what you want in an encounter!


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According to several sex health studies, 95% of couples who've had threesomes report that the experience not only strengthened their relationship, but it expanded their sexual horizons to include things they never thought about before. Of that 95%, 75% reported inviting the same third person back for multiple encounters. So when you're searching our vast database of kinky couples, you are essentially guaranteeing yourself a repeat lay with every new couple you meet. Imagine having to build your social schedule around when you're picking up and getting laid. Given Easysex.com's incredible success rate such a situation is easier than you think! Whether you're just looking tobrowse our profiles, or you're looking for something way more exotic, let us give you the love life of your dreams!