Enjoy Our Index of The Best Sex Stories Site Reviews

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Enjoy Our Index of The Best Sex Stories Site Reviews

Are you looking for a low-commitment way to enjoy sex online? Are your sex fantasies getting a bit stale? Big fan of erotica and looking for new and more creative sex stories? You've come to the right place! Easysex.com is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of online sex stories. It all starts with some amazing and in-depth sex stories site reviews.

When it comes to choosing a site to read sex stories, you might feel a bit intimidated. There are just so many different sites to choose from and they all have different perks and features. Some of these features are going to be just what you're looking for to make your sex stories journey more fun and pleasurable and some features are just going to overly complicate things; it depends on your personal preference. That's where sex stories site reviews come in handy. These reviews are very easy to use and understand. You can read all about the different sex stories sites by category or theme to help you pick the right place to start reading. If you're new to sex stories and sex stories site reviews don't worry – we'll start with the basics.

A Brief History of Sex Stories

There has always been erotic literature and sex stories. Erotic stories can take the forms novels, short stories, memoirs, comics, and even manuals. In the past, there was a very small circulation for these types of stories because the printing was so expensive. But with the invention of the printing press, these types of novels and stories were printed more often and were passed around to more people. There was a greater market for erotic novels even as there were increasing restrictions on them. Probably one of the most famous historical erotic novels was Fanny Hill which was eventually adapted into a movie in the 19th century. In the 20th century, there was Lolita and The Story of O which was classified as erotic literature because it was treated more like art than smut. This was also when lesbian smut became very popular with works being published in the 1950s and 1960s. This was most likely a by-product of the rise of feminism and also the creation of the pill. This was also when women were starting to write their own erotic fiction.

The rise of the internet created a new appreciation for erotic fiction. Since the earliest days of the internet, there were sites that had tons of erotic fiction. Most of these stories were posted on forums which made them interactive and constantly adapting. As people commented on them, the stories changed and developed. A lot of online sex stories are by amateur writers and are written for the pleasure of the writer and their readers instead of profit. The internet gave these types of stories an international audience because anyone can access them from anywhere in the world. The internet was basically treated as a free space where the writers of these stories could do whatever they wanted. Also, this is when LGBT+ sex stories became popular, especially with young women.

One of the most popular ways that people were enjoying online sex stories were with fan-fiction. Fan-fiction is amateur and fictional stories about pop culture characters. The first fan-fiction was most likely Star Trek and there was an absurd amount of sex stories that were about Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock getting it on. Even though fanfiction doesn't have to be erotic or sexually explicit, it usually is. To help people figure out what type of fan-fiction they were reading, the term lemon was made popular. It started in the early 2000s and became a label for works that were filled with sex and other types of adult content. Lemon is a fan-fiction that is filled with explicit sexual content. For most teenagers hiding porn from their parents, online sex stories and fan-fiction were a popular choice because no one knew you were reading them on your computer. But with the creation of smartphones and tablets, sex stories can be read anywhere which has made them even more popular. Sex stories aren't just reserved for fan-fiction anymore. There are lots of writers who are creating completely original sex stories and posting them online which made so many people happy.

The Difference Between Online and Print Sex Stories

Even though sex stories are virtually the same, no matter how you read them, there are still key differences between them. For one thing, print stories go through a rigorous editing process. No matter how much we want, they're never going to be as out there, detailed or adventurous as we want because they're still being sold in the public. Online sex stories don't need to worry about that because they're in a private space. Even though everyone can access the sites, they are still considered to be in a private space which means they can get away with a lot more things. This also means that the writing is usually better or more polished in print than it is with online sex stories.

Everything You Need to Know About Sex Stories Site Reviews

But the actual point of our guides to make sure that you know that there's a way to get the information you need about these types of sites. That's why sex stories site reviews are very useful and will help you find all your favorite sex stories. Before we reveal our list of the best sex stories site reviews we have for you, you should learn about what sex stories site reviews are, why they're a good thing and some of the categories of reviews you can find.

What Are Sex Stories Site Reviews

Sex stories site reviews are great resources for beginners and experienced sex story readers to use to make their search for the best sex stories easier. A review is where someone who uses the site examines or tests out the site and write about their experience. The purpose of the review is to give their final thoughts about the site and if they liked it or not. There are four different types of information that you can find on these site reviews. The first piece is their writer's first impression of the site and the stories that they read. The first impression is a good way for you to predict what your reaction to the site might be. The second useful piece of information is the history of the site. It's good to learn about when the site was created, how many stories they have online, or even how easy it is to become a member. There's also a list of the services and features that are on the site and make reading their sex stories better to read. The last piece of information you get is a list of pros and cons. It's good to know what some of the writers think of as cons because you might not feel the same way. Also, it's good to know the good and the bad things before joining a site so you can measure them and see if it's really worth it to become a member.

What You Can Use Sex Stories Site Reviews For

Sex stories site reviews are very useful if you want to make your sex life better and more interesting. They're filled with all kinds of fun features, tips and observations about erotic online sex stories. These are the top 3 reasons why people read sex stories site reviews:

Making friends. Sex stories sites are great for making friends. Most sites have a comments section where readers can talk about what they liked about the story. The comments section is usually only open to members but there are some sites that let readers comment anonymously. On top of that, there are typically forums and communities which encourages members and readers to talk to each other about anything that they want. The forums and communities are open so anyone can create a new topic.

Improving your writing skills. One of the ways that writers try out new techniques, styles and story ideas is by posting their stories online. They get feedback almost as soon as they post their stories. A lot of the time the feedback is constructive which means that they can use it to improve their writing. Also, lots of online erotic fiction writers eventually end up publishing their own erotic novels and it's all thanks to things that they learned from the readers on these sites.

Sexual inspiration and fantasy play. Everyone needs some inspiration every once in a while especially if they want to keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom. There are some people who think that they should only get their inspiration from porn but the best fantasies actually come from online sex stories. There are some things that you can do sexually in writing that you can't do in real life but it will be fun to try them.

Sex Stories Site Reviews Categories

There are few different categories of online sex stories site reviews that we cover in our guide. To get a better idea of what types of stories and sites you can find in these reviews, we've got a short summary of some of the top categories.


General sex stories site reviews are reviews for sites that have the most popular and basic online sex stories. These stories are what everyone thinks about when they think about sex stories. They have always set the standard for a lot the stories including format, setting, plot and the types of characters you can find in them. For example, you'll find a lot of modern and historical sex stories because they're the most common genres.


Niche sex stories site reviews are specialized types of sex stories. They're a lot smaller and more specific than other types of sex stories. There tons of examples of niche sex stories sites that are about specific plots or types of characters. For example, sex stories about having sex for the first time or sex stories about older women having sex with younger men. Niche sex stories are for stories that you want to read that will fulfill a specific time or fantasy or scenario that you wanted. They're perfect for experienced readers of sex stories because they offer something different and more creative than the general stories.


BDSM sex stories site reviews are for people who enjoy hardcore sex. They're filled with all different kinks and fetishes and sex that's more on the extreme side of the spectrum. You'll find endless amounts of spanking, bondage, foot worship, leather and latex and orgasm delay or denial. There's tons of pain and tons of pleasure which is why these types of stories are very popular for people who are interested in reading top online sex stories and want to read them all.

What Are You Waiting For? Read Sex Stories Now!

If you love sex, you'll love these fun sex stories site reviews. They're perfect for both beginners or people who have never read a sex story before as well as people who have spent hours reading sex stories late into night. You can read them anywhere you want, either reading them online, on your smartphone or listening to them on your early morning commute. They're so easy to find and read that you're going to wonder why you never checked these sites out before.

You've learned all about the history of sex stories, the benefits of sex stories site reviews and also our list of sex stories site reviews so now it's time for you to explore the world of sex stories yourself. You can start by checking out all the different category index pages which have tons of reviews for the top sites under that category. After that, you can check out everything else on Easysex.com!

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