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Northern Excess: The Hottest Canada Sex Clubs And Parties


If you're looking for one of the most open, inclusive, and contemporary nations in the world, you don't need to search much further. Canada has long been known worldwide for its friendliness, and this extends into the country's views on progressive topics. You will have a hard time finding a country that from coast to coast has more amazing sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses than Canada. At almost 4 million square miles, Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and there is a whole lot of land to cover in our guide. We take a look at all of the biggest cities in the country. From the sprawling metropolis of Toronto to the west coast gem city Vancouver to the nation's capital Ottawa and Montreal, the largest French-speaking city outside of Paris, everyone one of Canada's amazing cities are covered in our expansive guide. When you consider there are only 36 million people that call this country home, it's even more amazing that everyone in the country is as welcoming as they are.

So, if you're ready we should begin! In our Canada Sex Club guide, you'll find a complete review of the best sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses in the country. We look at the hottest clubs in the biggest Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver. You'll learn about clubs that have been providing unadulterated entertainment since the 1940's, a private sex club that caters to the highest levels of society, and the sex club that fought to legalized adult lifestyle clubs across the country. Every list contains full reviews of all the hottest and most sinful clubs each city has to offer, including links to their websites, address info, and anything else you might need to start planning your escape. We're going to take you through what makes Canada such an amazing country for sex, debauchery, and sinful escape.

Canada Sex Clubs: The Best In The World

When it comes to the best sex clubs in the world, you can't go wrong with the selection the biggest Canadian cities provide. There are so many to choose from, you are bound to find exactly the kind of sexual release you have been searching for. One of the best things about Canada is how diverse the cultures are as you travel across this amazing country. You'll find the European atmosphere and energy filling the streets of Montreal, the largest French-speaking city outside of Paris. The city is known for its amazing party atmosphere, and it is home to some of the raunchiest and kinkiest sex clubs in the world. In Toronto, the largest city in the country, you'll find world-class entertainment and a dazzling array of cultures that gives any visitor to the city access to every kind of sex club and party. Head over to the west-coast paradise of Vancouver and you'll find the perfect mix of laid-back attitude and excessive hedonistic pleasures. The city is also home to some of the oldest clubs in the country, so visiting any of them is a great way to learn all about the darker side of Canadian history.


In order for a sex club to be considered world class, it needs to have a certain set of attributes that help it stand out from the rest. The location is very important, it needs to be central enough for its members to get there but also private enough that those same members feel like their privacy is being respected. The facilities themselves need to be well-maintained and professional environments. No one wants to play somewhere that makes them feel uneasy. The last, and probably most important, attribute are the members themselves. A sex club is only as sophisticated and fun as its members are. And if you have fun-loving, welcoming, and energetic members the club will continue to grow and evolve. Luckily, Canada has all those attributes and more! In fact, when you combine the friendliness and accepting attitude of the Canadian people with the open-minded personalities of the adult lifestyle you get some of the best sex clubs in the world. We've highlighted some of our favourite Canada sex clubs below to give you a taste of what you'll find in the rest of our lists.



Located in the city of Montreal, L'Orage and its owner Jean-Paul are world famous in the sex club scene. Jean-Paul was one of the club owners that fought back against the Canadian government and helped legalize adult lifestyle clubs across the country. The club itself has been one of the favourites of the adult lifestyle scene since it has been opened. Known for its European club environment, you won't find any closed doors here. Every dark, sinful, sexual act you wish to enjoy here will be done in the open. L'Orage has been a must-visit spot in the city for the better part of the last 20 years, so it's no wonder it made our Canada sex club list.

Killing Kittens Toronto

Just when you thought that the city of Toronto couldn't become more of a global hot-spot, it gets its own Killing Kittens branch. For those who are unaware Killing Kittens is the global sex community for the highest level of society. They host the kind of parties you only get to see in the movies where members get to wear masks and enjoy themselves in penthouse estates or private yachts. There is no promise that you'll get in, but if you do you'll become a member of the most exclusive sex club in the world.

Club Rendezvous

This Calgary club legend has been open since 1983 and has been providing its members with the most exclusive on-premise club experiences for them to indulge in. Every square inch of the club is designed for the ultimate in sexual pleasure. From the clubs intimate dance floor to the elegantly designed play areas, you will find new ways to explore all of your deepest hedonistic fantasies.

Club Debauchery Ottawa

The name of this club doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination about what you will find inside its doors.They consider themselves Ottawa's premier adult lifestyle club, and they aren't kidding. Club Debauchery specializes in the providing its members with hottest sex-positive, BDSM, and kink experiences. It was Ottawa's first sex-positive club, and it continues to help grow the community by operating as an educational space as well.

Canada Bathhouses: The Worlds Best

Canada's combination of progressive, open-minded attitudes and European infused culture has created a bathhouse industry that rivals any in the world. The LGBTQ+ communities in the country's biggest cities, like Toronto and Vancouver, are considered world-class and the best outside of cities like San Francisco and New York. Once again, the friendliness of the Canadian people really helps to create a vibrant and energetic bathhouse scene. From coast to coast, you'll find some of the best bathhouses in the world. All of them come complete with all the amenities you would expect to find. The full gym and spa services like work out centres, steam rooms, and saunas. You're also going to find some of the best extra features that will keep you there all night, and coming back again and again. No matter what city you are in, and what type of experience you are looking for you'll find it one of the many amazing bathhouses in this country. You'll always find them packed with the biggest selection of the finest guys each city has to offer. From young men on the make looking to meet some new friends to bathhouse regulars that enjoy the spa amenities and the scenery as well.

No matter which great Canadian city you find yourself in, you will always find that perfect bathhouse experience waiting just for you. You won't find a better selection anywhere else in the world. We explored all of the best cities in Canada to find the hottest bathhouses each city has to offer and put them together in one handy guide. Just find the list for the city you want to explore and see what we've uncovered. We promise that whichever bathhouse you select you will have the time of your life. We've even included a little preview of some of our favourite selections below to get you started.


With locations in both Toronto and Vancouver, the Steamworks bathhouses are known across North America as the most sophisticated and professional spots in the gay bathhouse scene. With all the amenities you would expect to find. Full gyms, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs. And when you want to have a little extra fun you can enjoy the network of private rooms located throughout the halls. Each location also hosts plenty of special events and parties, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to experience Steamworks to its fullest. Did we mention both locations are open 24/7 all year around?

Club Ottawa

This bathhouse located in the heart of downtown Ottawa has got to the best in the city, and possibly one of the best in the entire country. Every corner of this massive bathhouse is custom made so its members can enjoy all of the endless amenities in a safe and clean environment. One of the biggest surprises we found when doing our research is that Club Ottawa has a fully licensed bar for its members to go along with all the other bathhouses services you would normally expect. And with a full calendar of events, like the weekly Black Out Night, you are going to love every second you spend at Club Ottawa.

Oasis Sauna

When you consider how many amazing bathhouses the city of Montreal has, the fact that Oasis Sauna is considered the best is a pretty big accomplishment. Located right in the heart of the Montreal Gay Village, Oasis is a full 10,000 square foot facility that is the perfect place to keep the party going or to relax after a long day. It comes complete will all the standard facilities you expect in a world-class bathhouse. Showers, steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas and more are all part of the Oasis Sauna experience. And our favourite part? They guarantee you will have a good time and offer a full refund if there are fewer than 10 other members there when you walk in.

Canada Sex Clubs: Your Links To The Hottest Clubs In The Country

You're about to jump right into our directory of the hottest, most sinful sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses in Canada. It doesn't matter which great Canadian city you live in or are traveling to we have covered them all. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver. All of the best cities the country has to offer! Easy Sex has done all of the hard work for you. We've combed through all the blogs, reviews, and write-ups we could find to put this directory together. In it, you will find all of the best sex clubs, parties, and bathhouses in each city. No matter what kind of escape you are looking for, you will find it at one of the spots we have listed. They are all the perfect spots to explore your deepest, darkest, most hedonistic sexual fantasies. We've already outlined some of our favourites from around the country, but you will find much, much more once you take a closer look at each city. Go ahead, dive right in and discover all the best sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses that Canada's greatest cities have to offer.

Toronto Sex Clubs

We're not trying to play favourites with Canadian cities here, but if you asked us what city has all of the best sex clubs and sex parties in the country we're going to say Toronto. The parties really don't get any hotter, wilder, kinkier, or fun than they do in... Read more.

Mississauga Sex Clubs

We couldn't put together a list of the best sex clubs and parties in Canada without showing a little love to this major Toronto suburb. Home to some of the best nightlife in the GTA, it also hides some of the hottest adult lifestyle venues in the country. And while... Read more.

Ottawa Sex Clubs

Okay, we'll admit it. When we started looking into the sex club and party scene in Ottawa we weren't really expecting to find much of anything. We knew the city would have its fair share of private clubs and events, every major city does. But we weren't expecting it to... Read more.

Montreal Sex Clubs

Sometimes when we go about putting together these amazing lists for you we have to sort through numerous clubs and parties to find the ones that actually fit into our incredibly strict sets of criteria. Every club, party, and event we list has to be among the best in the... Read more.

Vancouver Sex Clubs

We've all heard stories about the legendary laid-back attitude that has made the west coast such an amazing place. The people, the food, the atmosphere. It all adds up to an energy that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Vancouver, California's neighbour to the north, takes this laid-back... Read more.

Calgary Sex Clubs

We review a lot of cities across Canada and the United States when we search for the hottest sex clubs and sex parties. And some of our favourite cities to review aren't the booming metropolises that everyone has visited or at least knows all about. We love the smaller cities... Read more.

Winnipeg Sex Clubs

Just like our Ottawa sex club and parties list, Winnipeg is another one of those unassuming cities in Canada that we weren't really expecting to have much in the way of sex-positive adult lifestyle clubs and events. We knew there would be your typical wild nightclubs and a large selection... Read more.

Still Looking For More Information on Canada's Best Sex Clubs?

Well, there you have it, our directory to all of the hottest sex clubs in Canada. No need to thank us, it was a job we were happy to do for you. And if you haven't done so yet, we really recommend that you start to take a look at some of our Canadian city lists. You will find all of the best sex clubs, sex parties and bathhouses that each of those cities have to offer. From coast to coast to coast, we've covered all of the best cities in the country so you're guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. You'll find all of the individual city links above, so scroll back up a little and start searching! We did a little bit of extra homework and found some extra links to help you out even further. You can find those below.

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We've been really busy here at Easy Sex and have put together directories for the hottest sex clubs in America and The United Kingdom. We can't call ourselves the authority on sex clubs if we just have a Canadian list, can we? If you want to start at the beginning check out our Sex clubs index page or head straight to our directories for US sex clubs or UK sex clubs!

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