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The Best Sex Toy Review Directory Online!

Find the info you want by checking out these fantastic vibrator sex toy reviews to get the goods on what does what. All of the hottest reviews are here at EasySex.com Vibrator Sex Toys.

So, Where Do Sex Toys Come From?

You might get different answers about this, depending on who you ask, but in the meantime, we've got some pretty cool historical information for you to check out on some of your favorite sex toys and tools!

Some History On Dildos And Vibrators

Yes, indeed! The dildo - and even the vibrator aren't as recently invented as you might think they are! So who invented the first vibrator? Well, it is said that Cleopatra was the first one to do this, by using a hollowed out gourd - and a bunch of really angry bees - yikes! Thank goodness technology has come a really long way since then! As for the dildo itself, it's also said to go back thousands and thousands of years. Originally said to have been discovered by the Greeks and Romans, they used to have longer, two-way dildos on hand for when they had social gatherings. This was said to be so that they could all enjoy some extra pleasure when they got together, and as strange as this might sound to a lot of us at this point in time, it wasn't so taboo back then. First made of siltstone by the Greeks and Romans, dildos evolved to be made of leather, or wood during the Italian Renaissance, and thankfully have continued to evolve. Seriously. One of the first and most notable dildos to be remembered was a steam-powered dildo that was designed by an American doctor named George Taylor. When women were sexually aroused it used to be thought that they had something called, 'female hysteria', this steam-powered dildo was used to treat them. Although a crude idea by today's standards, it's said that the women from back then didn't have too many complaints about it.

Whether you're a man or a woman, you can enjoy many benefits from using dildos and vibrators - and sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. There's not much left in terms of taboo anymore, when it comes to who's enjoying sex toys, and why. With the quality of sex toys that's available these days, it's no surprise at all that so many people are able to enjoy an incredibly authentic experience while using them. Whether you're looking to enjoy your dildo along with a sex machine, or you're looking to strap one on, or you're simply looking for the ultimate solo experience, there's a dildo for you - there are actually going to be many dildos for you, and regardless of who you are or what you're into, you'll be absolutely sure to find the perfect vibrator sex toy for you!

Vibrators are huge sellers in basically every part of the world! Whether you're into the ultimate in solo play/masturbation, bondage, anal sex, bionic dildos, or whatever the case may be, you can be absolutely sure that there's something for you. Vaginal sex, anal sex, men, women, it doesn't matter, there's something for everyone regardless of their gender or sexuality, and if you're bisexual, then it's even easier than you may have thought to enjoy the best of all worlds!

Lube Is Awesome!

So, maybe vibrators have been around for a long time, but lube probably hasn't been around for all that long, right? Wrong! Lube has been around since the days when the Greeks and Romans were openly having sex with both men and women, and needed a little something to ensure the ride was kept smooth! Olive oil was a lube of choice for these folks, and aside from just using them for sex, they also used them with the wooden and leather dildos of the time - thank goodness for lube! Who else had some tricks up their sleeves? The Japanese did! They were making lube from yams going back as far as the 1600's.

The evolution of lube is pretty interesting when you look back at it. Although the original types had the benefits of being made from all-natural sources, they weren't necessarily designed with maximum duration in mind when it came to intercourse. Thankfully that has changed! There are so many different kinds of lube now, it's awesome! There are incredibly creams and jellies that range from water-based, to silicone, and other oil-based types of lube. What you use will depend on your personal preferences, and any sensitivities that you might personally have.

One of the most popular types of lube has long been KY Jelly, which was originally designed for hospitals, and tweaked for sexual use as well! There are so many different types now, and when it comes to lube in general, you can enjoy all kinds of different types and styles, ranging from warming, to sensation, to desensitizing, to flavored, and more! Lube isn't just about the easy in and out anymore!


The history of condoms might not be as pleasant as you'd like to think, but it's an interesting one nonetheless! Maybe you've been curious about where condoms originated. We've got the info, and some of it might not be quite as pleasant as you'd like, but you'll be sure to learn something new about your favorite method of contraception, the history of which goes back hundreds of years, to about the 1500's. Were there other methods? Possibly, but this is what we know about.

In the 1500's a doctor by the name of Gabriele Falloppio, an Italian doctor, invented a condom that was made from a loin cloth and soaked in chemicals, with a ribbon used to keep it in place (gross). If you can believe it, animal intestines were later used as condoms (double gross). Neither of these sound like very hygienic options by today's standards - and certainly not very comfortable - or pleasant smelling for that matter.

Next up to bat was the rubber condom, and surprisingly, it's been around since the 1800's. Latex condoms wouldn't come about for another hundred years or so, but they were an instant hit, and reductions in syphilis and gonorrhea saw great declines once people started using them. Then, we started to get technical. In the late 50's the first condom made with lubrication was created by Durex, and just a decade later, there were people who ranged from singles, to married couples who were claiming to use condoms.

Anyone who remembers the AIDS epidemic of the 80's, and how the gay community was especially affected, remembers the big push at that time for people to wear condoms as well. STD's are main reason why condoms are used today, and they come in every size, color, flavor, and more than you can imagine - of course they also come with lubrication as well! The condom has certainly come a long way, and there's a reason why it's such a mainstay in our society.

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Finding the very best vibrator sex toys online is easy when you check out these vibrator sex toy reviews from EasySex.com.

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So - Why Should You Check Out These Vibrator Sex Toy Reviews?

Um, because they're frigginÕ awesome, that's why! Seriously, whatever information you've been looking for when it comes to finding the best vibrator sex toys can be found right here, and here's what you stand to learn:

What Each Vibrator Does: Really though, at the end of the day, this is really why you're here. You're here to find out what each of these vibrators does, and to decide whether or not each one is going to be a good choice for you, so that you can purchase what sounds good to you, and start letting the vibes roll! When it comes to vibrator sex toy reviews you need a source where you can get all of the reviews in one place, and this is where you're going to be able to do that. It's the ideal one stop shop for your needs when it comes to finding all of the best vibrator sex toy reviews in one place.

Your Masturbation Is About To Get A Lot Better: Sure, masturbating is already pretty awesome, but imagine being able to masturbate like a frigginÕ ninja! What do you like? What is it that you want to be able to stimulate, but can't stimulate on your own? This is the place where you find out! These vibrator sex toy reviews are where you can find out exactly which vibrators do what, what they cost, how many styles they come in, and how quickly you can have them delivered to you once you've ordered them online. having access to this directory is going to make things so much easier for you, and save you so much time. Everything you need to know about the vibrator sex toys you want to check out is all right here, and all in one super convenient place, to save you tons of time and effort. No need to do tons of online searching to find what you need. Scroll up, and you'll find everything you're looking for.

Pleasure You Never Knew Existed: Once you start using these vibrator sex toys, your entire outlook on sex and pleasure in general is going to change, and this is step one towards getting there. If you're not a sex toy enthusiast already, then that's very likely to change once you've had a chance to check out the vibrators mentioned in these vibrator sex toy reviews. These vibrators are surely some of the best you'll ever find, and the best part is that they're all right here! All together, and all in one convenient location that's going to make your experience with becoming a pro with sex toys a lot more fun, and a lot easier to enjoy. Even if you're a pro when it comes to vibrators, there are sure to be new ones, or ones that you haven't tried yet, and who wouldn't want to find the easiest possible way to check out all of the possibilities, right? This is your ticket to finding all of the hottest information, all in one place, and enjoying the reviews that you read as well, because these are pretty well done, and actually enjoyable to read. Once you've started using the EasySex.com directories, it won't take you long to start making them your go-to point for all of the vibrator sex toy information you could possibly need. There are realms of pleasure that are awaiting you here. Especially if you've never tried out vibrator sex toys before, you'll be amazed with the ways in which you can enjoy them, either on your own, or in bed with your partner as well. There are truly realms of pleasure that are waiting for you to experience them!

You Want It All In One Place: At the end of the day, whether you're a beginner or a pro when it comes to using vibrator sex toys, you'll be able to find the vibrators that you're going to get the most pleasure and enjoyment out of when you check out these vibrator sex toy reviews from EasySex.com Vibrator Sex Toys. Tine is a concern that we all have on our plate these day, and this site brings you to all of the hottest reviews, all in one place. What else could you possibly need?

When it comes to vibrator sex toys, it's really important that you're able to find the best ones for you, so once you've had a chance to read these reviews, you'll surely be off to the races!

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