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The Royal Treatment: Sex Clubs in The United Kingdom

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Is there anything more amazing than the blatant openness of the United Kingdom's views on sin and excess? Their bluntness when it comes to the topics of sex, kink, swinging, and cruising is not only refreshing, but also incredibly fun. The way they talk about sex, you would think they invented it. And you might be right. London is one of the oldest settlements in the western world, and there have been settlements where modern-day London is located for thousands of years. And if our knowledge of pagan traditions is even a little bit correct than people have been banging in the United Kingdom for as long as there have been people living here. And there are remnants of pagan settlements throughout England, Scotland, Whales, and Northern Ireland.

Yes, there were little people having living out their hedonistic fantasies in every corner of this country well before the Romans ever showed up. And we all know that once the Romans made themselves at home it only increased the amount of sex and sin going on. Maybe that is why everyone in this country seems to be obsessed with living out their own sexual fantasies every chance they can get. And the modern day United Kingdom is no different than the ancient one. You'll find all sorts of amazing sex clubs scattered across the country.

We're not psychics but we've pretty certain you're just about ready to dive right into our United Kingdom Sex Club guide. Once inside, you'll find the most in-depth reviews of the best sex clubs, parties, and bathhouses the UK has to offer. We have reviews of the hottest sex clubs from the country's hottest cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Nottingham. We've scoured the entire country and found the best of the best in adult lifestyle entertainment. Every swingers club, sex party, strip club, kink dungeon, bathhouse, and lounge. No stone was left unturned in our search. Every club we review includes links to the clubs websites, address and all the information you will need to experience all of your deepest sexual desires. Better hold on, we're going to take you on one wild journey through all of deepest, darkest corners of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom Sex Clubs: The World's Best

What better country to enjoy the world's best sex clubs than the United Kingdom. The unique history of the country means they have been enjoying the extremes of human pleasure well before Canada and the US caught on. Its that history, and the unique cultures of each city, that make the UK one of our favourite places to escape to. You'll find that almost every city has its own dark underground. Which creates the perfect landscape for sex clubs to thrive. Cities like Edinburgh, which was built on the side of an ancient volcano, has hundreds of hidden corners and alleyways to get lost in. The perfect places to hide a secret sex club or two. And London might be the dirtiest city of them all. Long known for its legendary underground filled with dark rooms and hidden passages, there isn't a better place in the world for sex clubs to be built.


I mean, where else can you find underground BDSM dungeons next to the real thing? Even if you're just looking to enjoy the history of pain and punishment the city was built around, you'll get a real rise out of the dungeons and museums scattered around the city. The entire country is absolutely filled with the most amazing history and culture, and its sex clubs are no different. So leave behind the clubs that were built while you were in high school. Come experience the real history of sin and excess that you can only find in the United Kingdom.

Here at Easy Sex, we like to believe that every world-class sex club shares the same qualities that make them as great as they are. Location is a big key, it has to be a well maintained located that provides a safe and professional environment for you and your fellow members. But the location also has to be private enough that you won't feel that your privacy will be compromised. Many of us that enjoy the pleasures of the adult lifestyle want to keep it separate from our day to day lives. The members themselves are also very important to the quality of the club. You always want to play with like-minded adults, who are as professional and respectful as yourself. But what sets the best sex clubs in the United Kingdom apart from the rest of the world is the history you will find behind every door. You aren't going to find sex clubs like these anywhere else in the world, and that is why we love the United Kingdom so much. We're going to give you a little preview of our favourite sex clubs from our lists to give you a taste of what's to come.

Boltz Club


This Birmingham sex club is one of the very best clubs in the city if your darkest sexual fantasies involve a bit of kink. Boltz Club is the place to go for singles and groups looking to experience the hottest BDSM and sex-positive parties and events. Of course, it's incredibly popular in the LGBTQ+ crowd and once you step inside it's not hard to see why. Head over to Boltz Club if you are looking to dance the night away and experience the very best Birmingham has to offer.

Torture Garden

With a name like that, did you really think we weren't going to pick it as one our favourite clubs from our UK cities lists? This London hot-spot is a full-on fetish dungeon like no other. We all know London is famous for its dungeons, this is just a slightly different kind. For all the fetish and kink lovers this club has it all. Whips, chains, leather, sex. Anything and everything your dark, sinful, and twisted mind has in mind. The club supplies the paddles, cuffs, straps, or harnesses so you have everything you need to have the time of your life.

Killing Kittens Nottingham

Every Killing Kittens club, no matter what city it is in, will always be at the top of our sex clubs lists. And the Nottingham version is no different. It's just as high end and exclusive as its worldwide counterparts. If you've read the numerous reviews we've done for the Killing Kittens events you'll know they are all the be all and end all of exclusive sex parties. Catered to provide the highest level of pleasure to their female members, you won't be able to find a more sophisticated experience than Killing Kittens.

Adam and Eve's Club

Gay? Straight? Bi? Or maybe just curious? At Adam and Eve's Club in Manchester, you will find whatever you happen to be looking for. Its the perfect bar for anyone who wants a little bit of everything, or aren't sure which way they swing just yet and want to do some research to find out. The regulars at this club like to say that there is no such thing as a totally straight person when you have the right mix of atmosphere and energy. Plus the full stoked bar doesn't hurt either.

United Kingdom Bathhouses: The Hottest Bathhouses In The World

When you start to look at the bathhouse scene across the United Kingdom you really start to see the Roman influence on the country. For most of the country's early history, it was part of the Roman empire, and we all know how much the Roman's enjoyed their bathhouses. And while we're not saying they weren't used exactly, in the same way, we might be bending the rules a little bit with our modern versions. Once you get inside you'll find much of the same facilities and amenities that you'll get in bathhouses in Canada and the United States. Lockers, showers, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and fully equipped weight rooms. Everything you might need to relax and work out after a long day at work or recoup after partying a little too hard the night before. And of course, you'll find all the same extra fun features that make bathhouses such fun places for the gay community to enjoy. Private rooms, dark corners, group rooms. If you can dream it, you'll find it at one of the country's many bathhouses.

The best place to find all the hottest and busiest bathhouses in the United Kingdom is, of course, the capital city of London. It's one of the biggest capital cities in the entire world, so it's not a big surprise that the gay community in London is also one of the biggest in the world. And the bigger the community, the bigger the selection of world-class bathhouses! That's not to say that the rest of this amazing country doesn't have its own share of top quality bathhouses for you to explore. You'll find some amazing spots in almost every major city in the United Kingdom, and we've gathered all the best we could find. We're going to give you a little preview of our favourites below, so be sure to check out our full list for all details.

Ambassador Sauna

We know how important it is for the bathhouse regulars to have that perfect discrete getaway that they can head to when they are looking for that extra fun. This Edinburgh Old Town hotspot is just that kind of place. The Ambassador is a high-end sauna that caters to cruisers of all ages. So if you're looking to relax and enjoy the highest quality facilities–and men–in Edinburgh this is your kind of place.

Lads Locker Room

If the name doesn't totally give it away, this is one of the top gay saunas in the UK. Located in the heart of Bristol, Lads is the perfect place for men on the make to enjoy the highest quality spa facilities the city has to offer. And not to mention the highest quality men the city has to offer too. So come for the weight room, saunas, and steam rooms and stay for the hot, sweaty, naked men.

CS2 Sauna

The jury is still out on exactly what the CS2 stands for, but what we do know is that this Nottingham bathhouse is one of the hottest places to be for any men on the make. And it's not just the saunas and steam rooms that make it so hot. It is always packed full of the best looking men in the entire city. It's the perfect place for anyone looking to relax and fool around a little bit, no strings attached. Oh, the facilities themselves are all top notch as well, of course. So come relax or turn things up and enjoy a real work out.

United Kingdom Sex Clubs: Your Connection To The Hottest Sex Clubs In The Country

Are you getting excited yet? We're almost ready to get right into our directory for the United Kingdom's hottest sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses. All the biggest cities, with the best adult lifestyle communities, are covered in our list. Below you'll find lists for Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Nottingham. So if you call one of these amazing cities home, or are planning to visit one of them soon, you will absolutely love the lists we have put together just for you. It might look like a lot of work for us to put these lists together for you. And we won't lie, combing through the countless blogs, reviews, and articles we could find did take a lot of time. But all that hard work is more than worth it if we can help you find that perfect spot to live out all of your most sinful fantasies. No matter what kind of sin and excess you are in the mood for you will find it in one or all of our United Kingdom city lists. We've already given you a taste of what you'll find, so the next step is to dive right in and enjoy the best sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses that the United Kingdom has waiting just for you.

Birmingham Sex Clubs

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Bristol Sex Clubs

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Edinburgh Sex Clubs

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Leeds Sex Clubs

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London Sex Clubs

You may or not believe it, but the early days of London, or Londinium as it was known to some, was pretty much nothing *but* a sex club. From its start as a riverside settlement to its beginnings as a top destination to outlying pagan countryfolk, and through its resurgence... Read more.

Manchester Sex Clubs

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Nottingham Sex Clubs

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Still Looking For More Information on The UK's Best Sex Clubs?

Well, everyone, we did it! We have taken you through all of our United Kingdom Sex Club city lists. We should all be really proud of ourselves, that was one wild ride. If you haven't started reading into all of the individual city lists, now is the best time to start. You'll find the most amazing selection of sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses that the United Kingdom has to offer. From every corner of the country, we have covered all of the hottest cities when it comes to adult lifestyle clubs and parties. So no matter what kind of sexual fantasy you are hoping to explore and experience. All the links to our city lists are above, so scroll back up and enjoy the search. And if you are looking for a little more information, we've provided a couple of extra links just for you.

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What, you didn't think we were done after just reviewing the United Kingdom, did you? We worked overtime here at Easy Sex and reviewed all the hottest sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses in Canada and the United States as well! Fancy heading across the pond soon? Check in with our other country directories to make sure your visit is as amazing as it could be. Our main Sex clubs index page is a great place to start. Then you can head to our country directories for US sex clubs or Canada sex clubs!

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