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straight single man
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young type highly successful, seeks slim/slender/skinny nice girl, now or for forever
Middletown, New York
I'm Tom, highly successful art/aintiqes dealer, trade & museums. I'm here for a sexual relationship, ..maybe, hours, ..a weekend, a week in the islands, a month in this mountaintop home, a tryste of a year, whatever, ..but I ultimately more seek my one person for the liasson of life, marriage or not, perhaps we will discover the other and what we could always want in this way. I know for me, after a long and sex barren marriage, I'll know, going in before, any next time and if this or that doesn't work fairly soon, I'll be looking for the middle of the nearest big bridge. So, these words and wants more pointed to the longer term, ..for now, I'm quite well equipped, about starved and open to any. Lonesome & single, 6' 1.5" 165lbs, know how to love, honor & treat a lady, able & will the best. Living and love all moments of life but so much more with the right you, ..traveling, sports, the arts, animals, ocean, the moon..much more. Clean, tall, thin, nice & honorable, I hope & want a thin, very thin young to not so young lady, a nice person, honest, clean hygiene, sexually & otherwise, potently alive. I'm a giver, clean, honorable, faithful, a bit older as above not wanting left out of search if only below "that" number. Don't act, do or think as older, very active in all ways ;- If compatible & fit & forgive my prejudice, slender, slight, wispy, thin, delicate, frail or skinny, consider I'm open to any age, looks, , baggage, education, prior status, criminal record, height, color, country, reputation, health ..all other things & have capacity & want a deep, singular love.18 to beyond 50, you're passionate, very active & strongly sexual & if you fit the rest, write. If quite young, I understand life's trade offs. I willingly will compensate for that, ..thanks for your time, Tom.