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The Different Kinds Of Sex Stories


In the next several paragraphs, we're going to break down for you all of the different kinds of sex stories, so that you can get an idea of what you can expect to find. There really isn't an area here that isn't covered. There is a huge assortment of sex stories, and the range is definitely quite broad. Whether you're into short stories, serials, continuing online chapter books, audio sex stories, or whatever your preference may be, you'll find tons of different options. These options can differ completely, and you'll simply need to choose based on our own tastes. If you're into lighter erotica, then you'll want to fins stories that are more about romance and passion. If you're looking for something that's more hardcore, then you can find whatever you're into, from BDSM to bondage. From real life stories to fiction, there are sex stories for every preference.

Fiction Sex Stories

These are generally the most fun because the authors are using their imaginations to bring some of the most incredible fantasies to life. These aren't likely always based on facts or experiences, rather fantasies, and the things that people are more likely to dream of doing, or things that aren't possible, but are arousing. Fan fiction is a great example, because these authors write fiction about everything from your favorite sitcom stars, to Harry Potter fan fiction, to scenarios that span every sexual preference and scenario.

Real Life Sex Stories

These are also a huge amount of fun! Non-fiction sex stories deal with real life sex stories, based on the experiences of the author. Often incredibly hot and personal, these are definitely some of the hottest stories you'l find, and if there's anything you've ever wanted to try but haven't then these real life stories can help you to dive into your fantasies, and give them an out let. Recalling one's favorite, or maybe not-so-favorite sexual experiences is a great example of what real life sex stories are about. You'll love these.

The History Of Sex Stories


You may have guessed that sex stories have been around for a very long time - and you would be absolutely correct! Our selection of hot sex stories at Easysex is sure to impress you, but the truth is that sex stories don't just go back in time, they basically go back to the beginning of time. As long as there have been humans, there have been sex stories.

Ancient And Other Early Sex Stories

As already mentioned, sex stories go back as far as humanity itself, and maybe the content has changed over time but the desires have not. These sex stories throughout ancient history cover everything from lite erotica, to homosexual encounters, to gods having sex and having children together. Nothing was really off limits when it came to sex stories. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to stories of Greek gods, these stories go back as far as human history does, and many have been documented and uncovered throughout history. Maybe these aren't always the artifacts that are studied in the greatest of detail for the purpose of sharing, but they do show us that we do indeed relate very much with our ancestors when it comes to sex. Much may have changed, but sex stories are definitely still around.

Flash forward to a new era, and once printed books were able to be created and distributed, this changed the face of literature as mankind knew it! The Gutenberg printing press was invented in the 1400's, but it's been widely stated as well, that printed books existed as far back as 800AD. That's a lot of literature that's been floating around for a very long time, and you can bet that sex stories have always been in the mix. Between ancient history and the 20th century, a lot of sex stories have been published, including some amazing works in the past 100+ years that should be noted by any fan of erotica.

1900's And Sex Stories

Who hasn't heard of Colette? Her work has inspired many, and has been made from stories to Broadway plays that have become classic! A prime example would be the play, 'Gigi', which was based on a book written by Colette, and it starred Audrey Hepburn. The story is a classic one, and has endured. Many similar versions of this story have been told, and it's pretty plain to see the influence in movies and stories that have since come out in the last hundred years. 'Cheri' is another of her works, that was ultimately made into a movie that starred Michelle Pfeiffer. How we tell stories may change - ie, from books to film. But the fantasies have always been there. From Ancient times, to recent history, to present.

We continue to tell these incredibly erotic tales, and we borrow from old styles of telling the stories, and adapt them to the new ways that we live as a society. We can be more open now, sexuality is more accepted, women are able to be more open and outward with their sexuality. Again, things have changed, but they've also stayed the same. The methods of storytelling are now far more varied, but we still remain hungry for stories of sexuality. The Kama Sutra is possibly the oldest sex story, that is believed to have been composed around 400 BCE, yet we are still reading it today. Sex has been a huge part of our culture as human beings since the beginning, and that hasn't changed. We're allowed to be more open about it today, and this has lead to an increase in the amount of stories that are told, but that basic sexual desire at the core of us all remains one of our biggest inspirations for some of the most creative works we do as humans. Sex stories have always been around, and they won't likely ever be going anywhere, if anything, we're simply becoming bolder.

Late 1900's To Present Day

Over the last decades of the 20th century, there was a very noticeable shift in sexuality, and the kinds of stories we began to tell on a larger scale. We've worked sex into horror movies, and made the macabre a sexy thing. We've told the stories of those who should never have been together, but managed to find their way to one another - if only sexually. We started to look at the remaining prescribed norms, and ask ourselves if these are really needed any longer. Things that were once taboo started to become commonplace, and we kept moving forward.

Sex in horror movies is definitely worth noting. In 1960, we watched a woman get murdered in the shower in, 'Psycho'. In the 1970's and 1980's we had basically every slasher film - 'Friday The 19th', Halloween, and more, all with sexual elements worked in that are essential to the storylines. And of course, we also had some incredibly erotic vampire movies as well during this time (as we have spanned throughout history). Vampire erotica has always been a huge fictional fascination for us.

More Varieties Than We Can Count

Today it seems that we've pretty much done it all. We've told countless stories about horror erotica, homosexual erotica with movies like 'Brokeback Mountain'. We've ventured into BDSM erotica with stories like '50 Shades of Grey'. Nothing, it seems, is off limits anymore when it comes to us sharing our sexual desires, and talking about the most personal of experiences. In fact, we've moved so far beyond these limitations that we've almost become desensitized in a sense to some of the most hardcore sexuality. Every story we tell today seems to have an element of sex in it, and it's not likely that we're ever going to shake that standard out of our society's moral fabric.

The Internet And Beyond

These days, it doesn't matter what your fantasy is, you can be sure that there is a story for you on internet. Celebrities use the internet to showcase their own sexual escapades - and this is how they become celebrities. We have access to unlimited sexual resources online, ranging from stories to videos, to pictures, to live webcam action. With the internet, we've essentially brought every bottled up sexual fantasy we've ever had to life. Whatever you've ever dreamed of, there is someone else on the internet who has shared the same experience, or a very similar one. Sex and sex stories, in whichever form you may be enjoying them online, are more prevalent than they have ever been, and ever so much more out in the open. There are so many different sex stories sex stories, told in so many different ways today, that the hardest thing we now have to do now, is find our way through the mundane, so that we can enjoy the exceptional.

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