The Best Guide To Finding Top Sex Forum Sites

Looking for the best sex forum sites online? Look no further than this guide from! We've got all the best ones waiting for you on our list! Keep reading to learn about sex forums and why you should join one.


What Are Sex Forums?

A sex forum is an online discussion group where people can post and read messages about a specific topic. Another kind of online forum is an dating forum which are about dating and relationships. Sex forums and dating forums can often be found together so you can get everything that you need in one place. You can use sex forums to ask for member's opinions using surveys, polls, and questionnaires, and also to find hookups! If you want to find everything you can use an sex forum for, here's a list:

Sex forums are made up of different threads, categories, and topics. A sex forum often has a theme like "Sex Stories", "Dating", or "Coming Out" and members will add their post to the sex forum that suits their needs.Getting started on an sex forum is easy since many of them are free. Some of them will even let you create your own blog, save photos, join a user group, or send private messages. You can also create your own topics and sex forums to share on the site.


Not only do sex forums have games, surveys, questionnaires, and polls, but they are also great for entertainment. Just reading all the threads and categories and seeing what other people are sharing is entertaining. You get a chance to hear the best sex and dating stories that can be enjoyed by anyone. Some of the sex forums will even have a specific category where members can share their best and worst stories.

Get Sex And Dating Advice

Everyone needs a little help sometimes and a sex forum is the best place for you to find it. The threads and topics will have special sections where members can get the best dating advice or ask general dating questions. A sex forum is where you will find some of the most helpful and useful sex and dating advice. It's usually posted by an administrator or it's shared by another member who wants to help someone else out.

Making Friends

A sex forum is a great site to make friends. Since you already have something in common with each other, you will have a lot to talk about. A lot of sex forums are also social networking sites which means that they encourage leaving messages and replying to members' posts. For example, if you post a photo, people can comment on it. When you see all the comments that you get, you can send them a private message and see if you will hit it off.

Finding Hookups

Anyone who's interested in online dating should try out a sex forum. Unlike other dating forums, you don't get matched up, instead, you have to find your own matches which give you more control. Since you can ask questions, you get to know each other faster. You can also post on an sex forum and ask if anyone's interested in meeting up to find dates. Many dating forumslet you search by location to find hookups who live in your area.'s Directory Of The Top Sex Forums

Now that you've learned more about sex forums and why they're so popular. It's time to see the type of dating forums and sex forums that are offered online. We've scoured the Internet to find the very best dating forums for you! If you want to see the full list, read on below:

The Top General Dating Forum Categories

General Dating Forum: This list gives you a little bit of everything. Here you will be able to sample all kinds of dating forums. You can find a gay dating forum, niche dating forum, and even a free dating forum!CLICK HERE.

Free Dating Forum: This guide includes all the dating forums that you can enjoy FREE! Now many dating forums offer membership without a fee for but this list has specific dating forums where you get to enjoy whatever you want without spending a dime.CLICK HERE.

Premium Dating Forum: Premium dating forums are for people who want to get the most exclusive experience. The dating forums in this list have a lot of additional perks for their members including creating blogs and galleries and a group chatroom. To try out these premium dating forums, CLICK HERE.

Mobile Dating Forum: These dating forums can be used on your cell phone. Since the sites are created for smaller electronic devices, they run more smoothly than if you tried to log on using your phone. Signing up to any of these mobile dating forums is perfect for busy people who are always on the go!CLICK HERE.

The Top Niche Dating Forum Categories

Niche Dating Forum: When you want to find dating forums that fit outside the mainstream, you're looking for niche dating forums. The list includes sugar daddy dating forums and asian dating forums and you will definitely be able to find the perfect sex forum for your sexual pleasure.CLICK HERE.

Interracial Dating Forum: Interracial dating forums are for people who love to date other races and want to find a place where they can ask questions. Although you will find primarily black and white dating forums on this list, their advice can be helpful for all interracial relationships.CLICK HERE.

Black Dating Forum: This is the best dating forum if you're a black man or woman and are looking to find people to talk to with similar dating experiences. Some of the black dating forums on this list are international which means there are no limits when it comes to their members.CLICK HERE.

Latin Dating Forum: The Latin dating forums on this list are targeted to people who are Latino. It can be hard to find people to date who share the same culture and life experiences that you do. If you want to find people that you can talk to that share your culture, these are the dating forums for you.CLICK HERE.

Indian Dating Forum: This guide is best for people from India. Some dating forums are for people who actually live in India while others are for international members. The topics and threads on this dating forum are targeted for people who are looking for dates or marriage.CLICK HERE.

European Dating Forum: This list of the best European dating forums is a great place for people in the UK to ask for dating and sex advice. You can even search for members by picking the location so that you can meet up with people.CLICK HERE.

Asian Dating Forum: This guide is for people who are living or traveling to Asia and are looking to make either friendship or romantic connections. They even include travel guides and date ideas! If you're looking for Asian dating forums, you need to check out this list.CLICK HERE.

Teen Dating Forum: While most dating forums are for people who are over the age of 18, the dating forums on this guide are for teenagers. Members can ask for first kiss advice or just vent about their boyfriend or girlfriend.CLICK HERE.

College Dating Forum: This guide is all about the college experience and since the college experience involves lots of hooking up, the list includes a lot of sex forums. You can find hookups or relationships depending on where you look but either way, you'll find something that will entertain you.CLICK HERE.

Sugar Daddy Dating Forum: These dating forums include everything from becoming a sugar baby and keeping your sugar daddy happy to how to ask for an allowance. They even have advice for amateur sugar daddies. To find your own sugar daddy use sugar daddy dating forums found on this list!CLICK HERE.

MILF Dating Forum: This guide is for people who are attracted to hot mamas. Most of the dating forums on this guide have pictures and videos that members can view but there are also adult personals for single moms looking for a man to make them happy.CLICK HERE.

The Top BDSM Dating Forum Categories

BDSM Dating Forum: This is the best guide for people in the BDSM community or is looking to try out domination and submission. The content that you can find on these dating forums includes tons of videos, photos, and BDSM etiquette advice.CLICK HERE.

Fetish Dating Forum: If you are into fetish play and kink like foot fetishes, bondage, and erotic stimulation, you will enjoy this list. There are many different fetish dating forums to sexually satisfy you and you might even find some new fetishes that you didn't expect!CLICK HERE.

Emo Dating Forum: If you're looking for dating forums that are dark and broody, this is the guide for you. That's because their members are either emos or are into emos and are looking for a place where they can find people like them.CLICK HERE.

The Top LGBT Dating Forum Categories

LGBT Dating Forum: The gay hookups forums on this list are for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. These sex forums are a great online community that can help you navigate the dating world to find gay people you can connect with. CLICK HERE.

Lesbian Dating Forum: The dating forums on this guide are for women who love women. The members are always willing to share their best dating advice and find women to talk to and make friends with. These lesbian dating forums are perfect for women who are single or who are in relationships.CLICK HERE.

Gay Dating Forum: This guide of the top gay dating forums is strictly for men. The men on these dating forums are looking to share their experiences with online and casual dating and also find hot men to hook up with.CLICK HERE.

Bisexual Dating Forum: This is the guide for people who swing both ways. You can find people who want to explore their sexuality and even people who are "bi-curious." A Bisexual dating forum is the best place to check out if you're looking for bisexual hookups online.CLICK HERE.

Transgender Dating Forum: Transgender, transsexuals, crossdressers, MTF and FTM are all welcome on these dating forums. If you're looking for transmen and transwomen to hook up with, you should check out the top transgender dating forums.CLICK HERE.


Get Started Now!

Now that you've seen all the dating forum and sex forum guides that we have on offer, you can pick the best one for you! There are a lot of options so you're guaranteed to find something that you'll enjoy. You can choose based on your culture, sexual orientation, or sexual experience. Once you've logged in, you'll be hooked! Since there's no limit to the amount of dating forums that you can sign up to, you can try them all if you want!

The Best Guide To Finding Top Sex Forum Sites

Looking for the best sex forum sites online? Look no further than this guide from! We've got all the best ones waiting for you on our list!

Guide To The Best Sex Forum Sites Online