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honest, sincere and looking to have a good time
Beverly Hills, California
Besides being very honest and sincere, and not deceiving others, I'm pretty laid back, and enjoy having a good time. I "go with the flow" and enjoy the "simple things" in life. I try not to get too upset over the small stuff in life. I'm very flexible in MANY areas, but can't stand, and detest deceptive and/or dishonest people. I really enjoy getting to know people. I have many interests, especially traveling for fun a LOT(Europe, U.S.(I love visiting Austin, Texas, amongst so many other places.), South Pacific(Tahiti, Australia, etc.) and Caribbean mostly), working out, going to movies, SCUBA, water skiing, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, going out to clubs/dinner, reading, sex/romance, music(all kinds from classical(ballets) to jazz to country western to rock to heavy metal), etc. I'm a pretty laid back and very sensual & passionate guy. I am a bit of a maverick of sorts, and pretty unique, or so I've been told.(I last updated info. on Sunday 31 July 2005.)