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Buffalo, New York
Well where to begin. my headline says a lot. I am an aspiring dj/artist/musician who loves music [mostly electronic and alternative] but i'm open-minded to most music [tollerant]. I have been a dj for over 10 yrs. and someday i know my hard work will pay off[hopefully][i want to be an international electronic dj/musician. sharing the wonderful world of music. [i can dream cant i?] but i work sales and manage a pc/video game store while i work on that dream. It pays the bills and I like the subject material. I am into movies mostly Sci-fi, adventure, action and yes some classics and romantic comedies. i usually dont watch TV but when i do its usually sci-fi channel or history, learning, or watcha video.. TV rots yer brain.. its nice to watch but i usually spend most of my free time dj'ing, working on music, or surfing the net, or playing PC games. I like to snow ski [dwnhill] and swim, hike camp, and i recently tried water jetskiing a couple summers ago. i like the outdoors but im defintely a city rat.i've travelled a bit [nyc, new orleans, maine, florida, mostly the north east but i want to see the west [la,sf] [update.. I saw SF last spring ,would go back, want to see LA and other midwest [az,co] always thought i'd live in san fran someday[or at least visit it, again]. i'm open minded, adventurous, outgoing, honest, loyal, caring, and am very friendly and close with most of my family and friends. there's alot more. but you get as glimpse. i await patiently what/who i am to encounter and experience... Carpe Diem! UpdateMore likes good Cologne/Perfume, Inscense, Candles, Black Light and good mood lighting, Fireplaces and the smell of buring wood, ie;campfires, Earth Tones, Animals [esp Cats/Dogs too] Getting lost in moment no matter what it isie Sunsets, Sunrises, Dancing to music and feeling a vibe connection, letting it move you; Looking into someone's eyes and connecting while you're conversing, Quoting some movie/pop culture and someone getting it. more...