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Young Dominant Guy Wanted by Handsome Defined Italian
New York, New York
Handsome 45 y/o passionate Ital. brown & silver hair, stache and defined trim body wants younger guys who appreciate giving "Active" ( male/assertive) energy (in whatever ways you desire) to a seasoned man of passionate spirit. I can go into a powerful receptive mode drinking all of you inside me (metaphorically and physically). Together we ride a circle of energy in which we experience being both giver & receiver. How fulfilling! Great kisser & very oral. Like being verbal, too. I love to enjoy younger men sharing with me the private "juice" and magic they have to give. I`m reversible on occassion. Contact me with a face pic to share. You won`t be sorry! Also have place in upsate Ulster County. Not looking for BF, already have one and we sometimes play together, but he also benefits from/enjoys my sharing with others alone as well.