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If you're looking all over the web for the greatest sex toy sites, you're in the right place. Here you'll find a complete directory of sex toys sites which offer some of the best adult sex toys available! Find the ultimate sex toys money can buy with the EasySex Directory of the greatest online sex toy shops and experience sensations like never before! Continue reading and check out the entire directory of top sex toys sites available online!

What Do You Know About Sex Toys?


Do you even know what kind of adult sex toys are available out there? We'll describe some of the most popular sex toys out there so if you're looking for adult sex toys, keep on reading and get all the information you need to pick the perfect sex toy for you!


Dildos are one of the world's most POPULAR sex toys. We all know that but what do you know about dildos? Dildos are the kind of sex toy both men and women use. Most of the sex toy sites you find here offer dildos in all shapes, sizes and colors! There are ultra-realistic dildos available made from silicone, glass, rubber or metal and there are also dildos which represent sex toys but don't look like a penis, no matter how you look at it! It doesn't even need to look like anything as long as it gives pleasure to its user, right?

When you think of the size of dildos, you're thinking that dildos are made in sizes like regular male parts, right? Wrong! You can find dildos which are ridiculously big, like 3 feet tall big! Most of the dildos which can actually be used are regular-sized so the users can safely penetrate and enjoy every touch they feel! You can see even porn stars playing with dildos in porn videos, and this sort of adult sex toys have become extremely popular lately! That's why dildos can be found on almost every sex toy shop out there!


Lubricants and sex toys go hand in hand, which means they are one of the most purchased items on online sex toy shops. Both men and women use lubricants to smooth out the process of enjoyment. There are all sorts of lubricants available on the market, including water-based, silicone-based or completely natural, with different flavors or scents. Some give you a tingling sensation as you touch yourself with any sex toy! Lubricants can be with both sex toys and partners whenever there is a lack of personal lubrication. No matter if you're into something kinky, if you're using adult sex toys or you just want to try out sex with lubricants, you should try out lubricants and have the time of your life!

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are one of the most EXPENSIVE top sex toys on the market. Although their prices go up to several thousand dollars, this kind of sex toy is still very popular! Many sex dolls look the same as some of the most popular porn stars of today, but you can also customize them to look exact how you want! These top sex toys are the most popular with male singles because they give the next best experience to having the sexiest and kinkiest girlfriend! Below, you'll get access to the 10 best online sex toy shops which offer the hottest and most realistic sex dolls on the market!

Cock Rings

The purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flowing out of the penis in order to maintain an erection for a longer period of time, increase the size of an erection, and to increase the sensitivity to the head and shaft. It is one of the hottest adult sex toys today because it gives men confidence in sexual adventures! There's lots of types of cock rings ranging from different materials which include leather cock rings, metal cock rings or rubber and silicone cock rings! These sex toys can also be adjustable if you want to choose how hard to block blood flow. Tons of sex toys in this category have added clitoral vibrators and penis pumps so you'll get to experience the wildest sensations you didn't think was possible! If you're searching for top sex toys to maintain you erection, check out all of the sites in this directory and find the ultimate cock rings for you or your partner!


Condoms are by far the most POPULAR adult sex toys in the world if you are looking at total quantity sold. Although they aren't classic sex toys, they come in various shapes, colors, sizes, scents, and flavors. They can be dotted, ribbed or plain straight so you can feel the most intense sensations possible! Beside providing intensify pleasure, condoms are also used to keep you safe from STDs and other infections. Condoms can be bought on most of the online sex toy sites in the EasySex Directory, but you can also buy them in drug stores or even in regular markets you go to. Explore the best sex toy sites in our list and you'll find the biggest selections of amazing condoms with the best deals and biggest discounts!

Sex Toys Are Actually Good For You


Did you know that women were prescribed with sex toys in the old days to treat bad behavior and mood? It was thought that both men and women suffer from mood swings with the lack of regular sex and orgasms. After the old days, adult sex toys found their way into most homes where couples have regular sex. The top sex toys are used to spice up the sex life of couples who are together for a longer period of time. This doesn't mean that new couples can't and don't use adult sex toys, only that more experienced couples use them more!

Sex toys will help you achieve orgasms easier and more intense than you have until now. Just by feeling a different kind of touch that can make your orgasms last longer and with more intensity! You'll also feel the rush of something new happening and that's where your imagination kicks in! Maybe you fantasize about having a threesome but your boyfriend or husband isn't comfortable with that idea - this is the situation where you can use some of the realistic adult sex toys you'll find in sex toy shops in this directory! Although you won't feel the presence of another person in the bedroom, you'll feel something different and new which will, in combination with your imagination, help you feel the wildest sensations you never felt before! The endorphins released by orgasms can help to relieve stress, ease physical pain, reduce depression, and help you manage stress a whole lot more than before!

The Entire EasySex Sex Toys Directory

No matter if you have used sex toys before or you're looking for adult sex toys to try for the first time, be sure to check out the entire EasySex Directory of sex toys and each and every category in the list. You never know what you'll find and what kind of top sex toys you might enjoy if you never try! You'll find the web's best sex toy shops online so don't wait any more and click away to find the best of the best when it comes to sex toys!

Fun Facts About Sex Toys

There's so much information about adult sex toys out there that it just can't be mentioned in one post. If you're still interested in getting more information about top sex toys, here are some fun facts for you to enjoy!

  • Sex toy manufacturers use focus groups to test their new sex toys before they launch them to the market. Volunteers which are included in the sex toy testing are actually getting paid in real money and occasionally they get bonus orgasms!
  • The estimated value of the sex toy industry is more than 15 billion dollars and has a steady growth rate of 30% which is a lot more than other industries worldwide!
  • Some people are reported to have been emotionally attached to their adult sex toys. Some manufacturers even reported that they had love letters coming in, addressed to their favorite sex toys!
  • Sex dolls are the most realistic sex toys on the market. This is probably because they have a heating system installed so the silicone skin gets to the same temperature as real human skin!
  • The biggest sex toy manufacturer in the world is China which manufactures more than 70% of the world sex toys! It's illegal to manufacture sex toys in India, Malaysia and South Africa!
  • The oldest discovered sex toy is more than 30,000 years old and it was found in a cave in Germany!
  • Vibrators were initially used to treat hysteria in women. Imagine that!
  • More than half of the women in the world have used a vibrator before!
  • Online sex toy stores report a massive boost in sales in February, right around Valentines Day!
  • The most expensive sex toy ever made is a WHITE GOLD VIBRATOR with 117 embedded diamonds worth $55,000!



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