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INTRODUCTION took my sex life to new places. I didn't even think that was possible but using this site, I realized that there were still so many things that I hadn't done. It's one of the best hookup sites I've ever used and I had to share my experience using it in a hookup site review. This was a real eye-opener for me and I've already started ticking things off of my sexual bucket list. Basically, I used this site to add some excitement and variety with my hookups. I wanted to find guys who were into sex but not just the same boring stuff that I was getting tired of. As soon as I signed up to this site, I was already searching for guys who were into some crazy kinky things. Found one guy who liked to be tied up, blindfolded with a dirty pair of underwear, have hot wax dripped on his balls while classical music played in the background. And that was just my first hookup. It only got crazier and sexier from them. I've been exclusively using this site for 3 months now to find hookups and to find places to cruise in different cities in the country. I've gone from having sex every week to having sex every day just by using the site to find guys to meet up with. I've also used this site when I was on vacation and looking for a little pick me up on my trip.

ABOUT is one of the hottest sites for finding sexy gay men to hook up with. It's the place to meet other men who are interested in casual sex and dating. The guys on the site are not shy about whatever kink or sex they're looking for. You can find out what they want by reading their profile or just asking them in personal emails or private chats. You might even be able to see what they want by watching their private webcams and videos. The site's services includes maps for cities to find cruising spots but it's also where gay men can connect with each other. The profiles that they have are filed with hot photos, a live chat feature for both video and audio and also chat rooms. You can watch guys cum from the comfort of your home or send them a message to see them cum in real life. There are also places where members can post their erotic stories and hookup successes. Anyone can post on the site which makes it a great space and community for gay men to share their personal experiences. You'll find all the hottest sex you want. What sets apart from other hookup sites is that members post their favorite hookup and cruising sites. It's great if you prefer to meet and have sex in public or if you share a house, or basically any situation where you don't want to take your hookup home with you.


Free to sign up- Signing up to the site is free for anyone new. You have 10 days to use the site as a premium member. It's a great way to see what type of hookups that you can find. I used my free membership to plan 4 hookups before my free membership ran out.

Multiple countries- If your goal is to have sex in every single country that you visit then you've come to the right site. You can find members in Canada, U.S.A., U.K. Ireland, Australia and even New Zealand. You'll be able to make all your vacation hook up fantasies a reality.

Look for hookups on your phone or computer- The site has a mobile version available so you can find hookups while you're exploring the city's best cruising spots. You can do everything that you can do on the desktop site but just on your phone.

Tons of hot photos- You can see all the action that you want just by looking at the photos on profiles and on the site. They're hot and are guaranteed to make you horny as well as help you pick who you should talk to.

Live video chat rooms and webcams- A video is worth way more than just a photo when it comes to finding guys to hook up with. Members enjoy watching each other act sexy and perform on camera to see how they would do before you meet up with them in-person. Hookup Site Review


CONCLUSION Is going to make you cum and come back to find hookups. The amount of guys that I've found on here that have sexually excited me and literally changed my life with how good they were is amazing. Cruising is fun in person but it's even better when you use this site. Part of that is the personal reviews that members give to the cruising spots in the cities so you can get first-hand knowledge about why they're good and so many guys are using them. It takes a lot of the guesswork and missed opportunities that can come when you things up to chance when you're looking for hookups. I found sex whenever I wanted because of this hookup site. I just used the guys that the site suggested to me and then did a little digging around of my own. The guys I was seeing were exactly my type and I didn't even have to go far to find them. My week was getting filled up with the amount of guys that I was meeting up with. It was so good that I had to write my own hookup site review so that every guy could see why this site is worth it. You can find sex everywhere on Squirt which is great if you're looking to achieve maximum satisfaction and pleasure. You can find guys online or in your city but whatever you choose, you'll love using this gay hookup site to do it.

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  • I mean obviously the best thing about this site is the fact that you can actually find guys who want to hook up. It's not a site that's all about the talk but no action. You can pretty much tell that from the video chat rooms and webcams where you can see tons of asses and dicks. The photos are also on the kinkier side of things which is going to be more than enough to get you hot and horny. There's also over 20,000 cruising locations that members are sharing with each other. The site's one big community where the guys share everything that they want with each other including the best places to hook up outside in the biggest cities. The instant message features lets members talk to each other in real-time. There's also GPS services that uses your location from your phone or computer to match you up with other members who are near you. I use that to find guys who are around me when I'm out on the town or coming home from a club. One of the best things about this site is that it doesn't censor anything. There's even a community where you can see all the events at saunas, bathhouses and sex clubs where you can meet guys. They even have offers and discounts to save you money when you go. The desktop site will show you everything that you want but you can also do all the same stuff on mobile.

  • A con of this site is because of my personal experience with gay hookup apps. One of the problems that I came across when trying to use this site is the fact that there's no mobile app. There is a mobile version of the site that resizes the site for phones. It's a little bit of an issue for smartphone users because it's more difficult to navigate. You basically have to know the site really well if you want to use it on your phone. Sometimes the photos don't get resized or the buttons or links are harder to press down but that's a minor thing. A mobile app would make things easier especially if you're using the site on WiFi or data connection. Also, it's good that you get to use the site for 10 days but you do get an email from the site's administrators as soon as it's done. The email is there way to push you to get the full membership and keep the momentum that you have gained from joining the site. Sometimes having the emails show up can be a bitt annoying. I think it would be better if you could turn off the emails and notifications from the site but that's just because I don't like getting too many emails from sites I've joined. Free members can basically only see paid members profiles which limits the amount of people you can talk to. You need to upgrade if you want to talk to everyone. Gay Hookup Site Review

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