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Gaithersburg, Maryland
I am hyper intellectual, hyper sexual, and I'm totally uninhibited, I would really like to see whats out there I'm six feet tall; I'm quite muscular; I am very attentive and I live to please. I'd describe myself as very generous sexually and my sex drive is.. Shall we say.. insatiable. I can easily go five or more times in a day. Its been brought to my attention by several different sources that I am particularly well endowed.. I've heard the number ten inches mentioned in passing.. several times.. I've also heard the word girth used... On the phone bragging to girlfriends.. Shhh.. jesus why are you talking about that? lol. Anyway if you like what you see, and I like what I see.. I've mever had a threesome.. and I've pretty much just had sex within relationships.. As I said before, I'd really like to see whats out there.. Who knows what might happen, I believe every chance not taken is an opportunity missed so touch me tease me, and let me do the same for you.. I'm not a minute man by any stretch of the imagination and I'm up for anything, I am very open minded.. Anal sex has always been a turn on for me, don't ask me why.. Its not a requirement but keep that in mind.. Lets see.. anything else I should put in a sex profile? We'll see now won't we.