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lifeselector.com offers many sex simulator games completely free, with more available to members.

lifeselector.com: If you're looking for sex game simulators, this is the site you're looking for

  • Their A Day With... series allows you seduce and have sex with some of the wildest porn stars in the industry
  • Bad Santa's Wonderland puts you in the driver's seat of a Bad Santa's Wonderland, and since you're the one with the naughty or nice list, a couple naughty babes come to you willing to do anything to be listed as good
  • Trial versions of sex games are available to try before signing up for the full site


pinkvisualgames.com brings you the Everlust edition of the incredibly popular online sex simulator game, 3D Sexvilla 2 for Windows PCs

pinkvisualgames.com: Create your perfect sexual partner and then plug into an enormous environment where the world is your sex space

  • Create your unique login and make as many dream partners as you want, saving them to your private account, or share them with the site's sex games community
  • Record your sex scenes to play them back later as your own virtual realm sex tape
  • Meet up with other users and share partners amongst each other


chathouse3d.com is an online community and sex simulator game that connects you to one of the web's largest communities of virtual sex addicts

chathouse3d.com: From softcore sex games, hardcore to fetish, you can act out all of your deepest desires with customizable men and women

  • Available in both English and German languages
  • Sign up for your own account to begin building your virtual sex life, and circle of friends made up of other Chat House 3D users
  • Share your experiences in the large chat and video upload community


christiesroom.com is a great 3D porn sex games room featuring beautifully rendered online sex simulators

christiesroom.com: Christie invites you to her room, where you can play with so many different kinds of 3D models with an insatiable appetite for sex

  • Free to play versions available
  • Erotic role playing sex games allow you to act out your fantasies with conversations and offer more in-depth possibilities
  • Bondage and fetish play available
  • Virtual wet t-shirt contests
  • Virtual Playmates let you imagine yourself as the head of a porn empire such as Playboy or Hustler


girlvanic.com sex games are among the hottest online sex simulators for Windows PCs.

girlvanic.com: Design your perfect virtual woman with the countless options in their character creation engine, and then enjoy them however you choose

  • Pick your ideal skin tones, hairstyles, or eye color
  • If you're an ass man or a breast man, you can pay extra special attention to your fav female attributes
  • Play the demo without having to commit to the full sex game purchase
  • You can have sex in countless ways, making this a well-rounded sex simulator game


digamour.com is a futuristic role playing/sex simulator game that lets you take your love life to the far reaches of space through online sex games.

digamour.com: Have incredible virtual sex with women, men, and even robots!

  • Free 3-Day Trial Sex Games Membership Available Now!
  • Unlike most advanced sex simulators, Digamour is both PC and Mac compatible
  • Explore the world to find upgrades for your Cybergirls to increase their pleasure-giving ability, which will in turn attract richer clients
  • What will sex be like in the future? Why wait to find out when you don't have to?


sociolotron.com is a massively multiplayer online role-playing sex game that is different from most MMORPGs in that it doesn't focus on battle, but rather personal interactions. This of course often finds things being resolved through the passionate throws of sexual intercourse.

sociolotron.com: In a giant world of online avatars that's only available for people over 21, you know that sex is happening around every corner

  • Sociolotron has a huge backstory written out, which makes the world feel more real for its thousands of players
  • A reasonable monthly fee is required to play the sex games
  • Created to allow players to enjoy the pleasures of a sex simulator game while still enjoying a larger game; which most MMORPGs don't allow


dildosexgames.com is a forwarding site to Meet N Fuck Games, an excellent resource for cartoon sex games including animated sex simulator games like The Sinsoms

dildosexgames.com: Enjoy the world of Meet N Fuck Sex Games with no need to sign up or pay for a membership

  • The XXX Files is a visual novel for adults, where the police are trying their best to rescue Mighty Mom, and their best option is to enlist the help of Officer Juggs, who engages in many sexual acts in order to unveil clues
  • The Legend of XXXelda series combines sex games with the world of Zelda, to create a unique experience for online thrill seekers
  • Secretary allows you to play out secretary and boss fantasies


virtualkendall.com is a high definition and graphically enhanced sex simulator and sex games site where you take charge with a virtual babe named Kendall, and all of her sexy friends.

virtualkendall.com: Forget Kendall Jenner. When it comes to sex games, Virtual Kendall is the sexiest virtual sex partner available on the internet today.

  • Weekly updates of new locations, sex games, models, and positions to put Kendall and her friends in
  • Nothing is off limits. You can enjoy any of Kendall's holes that you want.
  • Sign-up and membership fees are required. Watch the trailer and check out screenshots for free.


simsexgames.com is a sex simulator's dream come true, with free access to hundreds of sex games.

simsexgames.com: Engage in sex simulation while also participating in virtual story lines that will have you coming back for more!

  • In one of the sex games, Call Me Desperate, Aiden desperately needs to get some money to pay her rent ASAP, and is willing to do anything to get it. Will you help her pay her rent in exchange for her special favors?
  • In College Days, your rich parents have promised to send you on an expenses paid trip with any girl you choose to go with, provided you're able to maintain your grades.

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