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gamcore.com is a great resource for those of you who're looking to enjoy some parody sex games without having to sign up for any sort of membership

gamcore.com: Play some of the best parody sex games of big time properties like Pokemon and Star Wars

  • No membership required
  • Pussymon 30 puts you in the role of a 'Pussymon' trainer, requiring you to fight and sexually tame a new batch of creatures
  • Grand Fuck Auto of course puts you in the driver's seat as you drive around avoiding cops, blowing things up, making money, and of course having sex with women all across the city


gamesofdesire is a quality collection of parody sex games for people who want to play games where their favorite film and TV characters have sex.

gamesofdesire: The best sex games mixing hardcore sex, comedy, and popular stories and characters

  • Browse over 14 full pages of free parody sex games by Title, Year, or Rating
  • Fans of the arcade classic, Mortal Kombat, are going to love "Finishing Her" in Mortal Cum Butt
  • Like most parody games, the majority of these games feature animated sex
  • If you grew up with a crush on Jessica Rabbit, then Jessica Rabbit Fuck Machine is for you


wetpussygames.com features a stellar parody sex game of the science-fiction story, Dune.

wetpussygames.com: If you thought that Frank Herbert' classic, Dune was for adults before, you ain't seen nothing yet! Play the sex game now!

  • Taking a similar plot to the original book and film, you play a young royal who must save your planet, and control "the spice"
  • Have a secret affair with your mother in order to keep your libido in check in important situations
  • Try to avoid phallic sand worms
  • Exchange spice with sexy traders, who you want to see naked


porngames.com is a larger sex games site, so their collection of parody sex games isn't huge, but it's quality.

porngames.com: For when you don't want to have to choose from hundreds of sex games

  • With only a page and a half of parody sex games, there aren't a lot of options
  • Gamers will enjoy playing Street Fucker and Cannon Spike; two parody sex games based on the popular Street Fighter game series. Play as Ryu and Cammy respectively, and get it on with other characters from the games.
  • Two Zelda parodies are available for of you with a thing for Princess Zelda


has a small but impressive collection of sex games featuring carton, anime and comic book characters in extremely sexy situations.

adult-games.xxx: Parody sex games ranging from the Simpsons to Dragon Ball Z

  • In Marge's Secret, you're their god fearing neighbor, Ned, and obviously miss your dead wife Maude. You must follow Marge's instructions on how quickly or powerfully she wants you to have sex with her.
  • Play the demo for Whores Gotham City sex game, where Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman team up to defeat Batman using their villainously sexy bodies


69games.xxx has a great collection of parody sex games that will have you playing for days.

69games.xxx: Over a dozen pages of online sex games that parody blockbuster films, TV shows, and video games.

  • Though it's not multiplayer, you'll have a hard time resisting the addictive gameplay of World of Whorecraft
  • Players of Game of Whores will find themselves battling dragons, queens, and of course whores in a medieval sex adventure game
  • The Simpsons: Wonder Hole will have you moaning "Do the Bartman!" while you play as Bart, getting some glory hole action from his teacher, Ms. Krabappel


porngamesonline.xyz is a modest collection of sex games that you've maybe seen on other sites, but they're well organized and free to play without a membership.

porngamesonline.xyz: Pokemon and comic book fans will especially love this selection of parody sex games.

  • A Teen Titans sex game is available for those who might secretly want to be a young Robin
  • A Skyrim parody game is ready to make you get a little more excited than your standard RPG does
  • Other hot properties parodied include Avatar, Pokemon, and Snow White


grandfuckauto.xxx is one of the most advanced and graphically intense parody sex games online.

grandfuckauto.xxx: If Grand Theft Auto has become a little too tame for your wild tastes, this is where you want to be.

  • Free Sign-up required to play this online sex game
  • A Grand Fuck Auto 2 patch is coming soon, so enjoy this version and get your money up now so that you're ready for the sequel, which promises to be even sexier and violent than the original
  • This online multi-player game lets you battle and fuck it out with thousands of other players online, so you'll never have to play with the same players twice


newgrounds.com may be best known as a general game site, but if you dig deep enough, they have some of the best sex games online.

newgrounds.com: One of the internet's biggest sites brings you some of the filthiest parody sex games.

  • XXXtreme Ghostbusters provides all of the slime, ooze, and ghost dicks that you could ask for from a Ghostbusters parody sex game
  • A Taste of Turtle Power puts you in the half-shell of Donatello, and lets you put your staff in your dream girl
  • If you remember the '90s cult cartoon, Dr. Katz, you're going to love this psychiatrist office parody sex game


sexyfuckgames.com is a huge resource of adult online sex games that parody your favourite films and TV shows.

sexyfuckgames.com: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll climax playing these raunchy parody sex games

  • Everyone's favourite super hero family, the Incredibles is featured in a naughty sex game that puts the family in situations that are more common in the offices of Pixar than they are in their films
  • Features the perfect number games (69 pages worth)
  • Molly Cyrus features a cartoon parody of Miley Cyrus

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