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sexgangsters.com is a strategic cartoon sex game where you play the son of a gangster who wants you to take over his lifestyle of doing who and whatever you want at all times.

sexgangsters.com: Become a powerful gangster that no woman is capable of saying no to in this popular sex game

  • Free trial available to all visitors
  • For the total experience, unlock the full sex games by signing up for a membership
  • Travel the world to complete tasks to satisfy your gang boss father, dozens of babes, as well as your own libido
  • Use your gangster bankroll to buy fancy things for yourself and your mob molls


meetandfuckgames.com is a wonderful collection of meet and fuck sex games that play with some of your favorite animated characters

meetandfuckgames.com: You control the action when you play these cartoon sex games

  • The Powerfuck Girls are here to save the world by fucking the bad guys into submission
  • Fapatar: The Last Cockbender makes you both a martial arts and sexual master, who must use his cockbending powers to return balance to the world
  • No sign-up required, but many options are opened up if you do register for a free membership


gamesofdesire.com collects some of the best free sex games online, but within the collection is some of the hottest cartoon sex games.

gamesofdesire.com: Enough cartoon sex games to keep you busy for a long while

  • Mission Impossible: The Missing Nuke puts you in the role of a secret agent who needs to interrogate a naked woman who may or may not know the location of a nuclear warhead. One way or another, you must find out what she knows.
  • Jenny's Gym Lessons offers some of the sweatiest hardcore cartoon action
  • No sign-up required. Play instantly.


adultgames.me has 3 full pages of sex games for cartoon sex lovers, featuring some of the genre's sexiest characters and scenarios.

adultgames.me: In these sex games, help make childhood favourites do things their creators never imagined them doing

  • Busty Raider is a sexed up version of Tomb Raider, where your favorite jungle explorer is looking for sex instead of ancient artifacts
  • In the Scooby Doo Sex Parody Game, you need to solve the mystery of what turns Daphne and Velma on
  • If you've ever thought that Roger Rabbit was a lucky toon for being able to hook up with his wife, Jessica, well now's your chance to be just as lucky him


mysexgames.com has over a hundred cartoon sex games available and ready for a cartoon lover like you to take over and control their sexy story lines

mysexgames.com: You'll never look at your favorite animated characters the same way again

  • Many episodes of the popular Candy Shop series of sex games is available for free
  • If you've ever wanted Link from Zelda and Pit from Kid Icarus to tag team Bayonetta, the Zelda Orgy Parody is going to be your video game lover's wet dream
  • No sign-up required.


comdotgame.com gives animation fans some of the wildest cartoon sex games for adults for free, with no strings attached.

comdotgame.com: Where cartoon sex games rule supreme

  • No sign-up required to play
  • Easy to find games based on their ratings, hotness, their date of upload, and even a window of randomly selected games for when you're feeling adventurous or indecisive
  • Play the animated vagina simulator to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of women, so that when you find yourself with one, you're ready to please them in the real world
  • Happy Chinese New Year lets you play with a beautiful animated Chinese woman to celebrate the new year naked


zzcartoon.com has a limited collection of cartoon sex games, but the quality of animated action within the games they do have is high.

zzcartoon.com: Don't waste time spending hours wading through hundreds of sex games to find a good one

  • Scooby Doo: Velma Dinkley Riding a Dick allows you to take off everyone's fav orange sweater
  • If you're looking for some BDSM action, Abduction Amanda will fulfil your prisoner fantasies
  • Play Rocker Girl to seduce and bed a sexy rocker babe who starts the game wearing nothing but her skimpy black underwear and electric guitar
  • Site registration available but not required to play games


hotcandyland.com is one of the most expansive and funnest cartoon sex games out there. An animated world of sex and comedy awaits you in Hot Candy Land.

hotcandyland.com: Become the biggest and most well-respected pimp in Pornwood in this epic of sex games.

  • Mixing comedy, sex, and MMORPG gameplay make Hot Candy Land one of the most enjoyable adult game experiences available today
  • Become the biggest pimp in the game, and then take over the porn industry by making the sexiest films the world has ever seen with your stable of fine women
  • Explore this multiplayer universe full of side missions and side hoes, while making sure to not forget your main objective; becoming the world's most successful porno producer

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