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The Best LGBT Dating Forum Sites Online is the perfect LGBT dating forum if you prefer a very casual way to connect with people online. This dating forum makes it easy for members to talk about whatever they want to and get to know each other. If you are questioning or new to the dating forum, you can introduce yourself to the rest of the members or add a post to the "Questioning & General LGBT" dating forum.

36,000 Discussions By Members On This LGBT Dating Forum

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  • See the latest replies and threads by members is an LGBT dating forum with topics that relate to the LGBT dating experience or community. They have a support area where you can find coming out stories and how to deal with problems with family members, friends, or partners. To see how popular this dating forum is, the statistics reveal how many discussions, messages, and members are on the sex forum. It's the perfect resource for anyone in the LGBT community.

New Members Can Introduce Themselves In The Welcome Lounge

  • Fun games that can be played by dating forum members
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  • Moderators help the dating forum run smoothly is one of the best dating forums and sex dating forums for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. This LGBT dating forum is so popular because it's also a social network. Members can use their profile to talk about themselves, send private messages and friend requests, and even comment on photos. You can create Groups to find people who share the same interests or experiences as you do.

Get The Answers To All Your Biggest LGBT Dating Questions

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  • Get notified when you get private messages or friend requests is a tech site that talks about the latest tech news online. One of the site's features is an dating forum where members can share anything they want by posting about it and creating discussions. The sex forum is used as a social network or site where the site's members can communicate and ask for dating advice. Repeated topics are removed so you don't have to worry about reading the same thing over and over again.

Create A Personal User Profile To Get Started On The Dating Forum

  • An app is available for download
  • Deluxe membership needed for specific dating forums
  • Easily send private messages to site members is a LGBT dating forum for people who love hot male celebrities, dating and relationship advice, and sharing photos and videos. You can expect to find updates from the most popular gay male celebrities online. The dating forum has polls where members can share their thoughts in the "voting booth." To get the best dating forum experience, you can see today's active topics to feel confident that you will get the answers you need.

Find Your Favorite Gay Male Celebrity Videos On The LGBT Dating Forum

  • View videos of male celebrities on the dating forum
  • Special forums for members to join
  • Gallery site to preview sexy photos is a LGBT dating forum that's specifically for Nigerian girls who love girls. The sex forum's topics and advice are useful to everyone. There are tons of different gay hookup forums and you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for including "Health and Sex", "Chit Chat," and "Debates." You can ask other members for help in "Questions and Answers" or you can browse through the threads.

Look For Lady Friends By Location On This Sex Dating Forum

  • FAQ to show you how to navigate the dating forum
  • A list of local parties, clubs, and events for the lesbian community
  • Helpful dating advice and tips is a free online LGBT dating forum and gay hookup forums where members can use the site to post personal ads where they can find people who are looking for dates and hookups. You can also find lots of discussions and opinion questions like what type of kissing do you like best and have you ever fallen in love with a friend? These are all created to encourage members to share their thoughts and stories.

Use The Search Bar To Search Through All The Dating Forums

  • 173 pages of dating forums to choose from
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  • Use search to find topics and discussions is a popular LGBT dating forum that wants to help their members meet other LGBT people and find support online. They have many different active topics on the dating forum and you can join any discussion that you want when you create a profile. To find the sex forum, try the thread called "Relationships, Sex, and Sexuality" to ask questions, share sex stories and talk about sex and dating related topics.

166,000+ Total Posts And 7900+ Topics

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  • Share your favorite pictures is a site that is specifically for lesbians who are looking for an online space where they can be themselves. They do this by using their LGBT dating forum where the site's members can talk about anything that they want to. They even have a particular dating forum for coming out advice and stories. If you have a crush and want to know if she feels the same way, tell the members about it in "Does She Like Me?"

Get Lesbian Dating Advice As well As Music, Book, And Movie Recommendations

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  • Bisexuality dating forum also available
  • Create and share surveys and questionnaires is an LGBT dating forum that is targeted towards transgender users. The dating forum is to provide support for people who identify as transgender, genderqueer, MaleToFemale, FemaleToMale, transsexual, and crossdresser. Members can use the advice in the dating forum for themselves or help out someone in a similar position. Registering on the dating forum lets you save and subscribe to threads. Since it's mostly for support and advice, you will not find adult content or personals.

Create User Groups To Make Friends With Other Members

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The #1 LGBT Dating Forum Sites Online -

Are you part of the LGBT community and looking to meet people? Why not try a sex forum? Check out's list of the best LGBT dating forums online!

The #1 LGBT Dating Forum Sites Online -